Fanlistings and Hatelistings

This page contains all the fanlistings and hatelistings that I joined. The fanlistings and hatelistings range from all sorts of things that I am interested with. There are a lot of icons here so it may take some time for the page to load. If there are broken links here, it means that the fanlisting or hatelisting have already moved to another server and I will do my best to find those in order to properly acknowledge them. ^_^

Please upload these icons in your own server since getting these without my permission will by commiting internet-thievery and this will greatly affect my specified bandwidth with my photo server. Thanks thanks :)

Series Of Unfortunate Events Fanlisting ( Sunny!! ) Buttercup Fanlisting! ( she's all green and i like her ) Harry Potter Fanlisting ( that lightning scar...wicked! ) I Hate Viruses Fanlisting ( grrr!!! rot in hell! ) I Hate Pop-Ups Fanlisting ( They are annoying ) Writing Fanlisting i hate Sirius' death! fanlisting ( i think he is not dead yet! I mean , I know he is not dead!! ) ) Smoking Hater Fanlisting ( Although I think green cigarettes are cute. hehe ) ) Chihiro Fanlisting ( She is cute! ) Yuki Eiri fanlisting ( He is definitely my anime counterpart! ) Fanservice Fanlisting ( Gackt and You!  ) Moon Album Fanlisting ( This is a great album! Anotherworld! ) Nagisa Kaworu Fanlisting ( Kaworu's snicker! Who could resist that?? )) Anime Fanlisting ( It shows, ne? ) Manga Fanlisting ( Any kind of manga is kickass coolness ) Scarlet Theme Song Fanlisting ( Who wouldnt love the depressing song? ) Fushigi Yuugi Bishies Fanlisting ( Tasuki! Tamahome! Hotohori! Amiboshi! ) Squirtle Fanlisting ( Cutest Pokemon! ) Katakana and Hiragana Fanlisting ( ^_^ ) Shoujo fanlisting ( Anime girl characters are to-die-for ) Sumomo Fanlisting ( Kawaii! ) Tamagotchi Fanlisting ( I love these critters!! ) Alanis Morisette Fanlisting ( The ironic girl! Super morbid! I like her! ) Nagase Arashi Fanlisting (The hottie from Paradise Kiss manga ) Beatrix Fanlisting ( FF9! Swing your save the queen again! ) BoA Fanlisting ( She looks like a kid here ) Brad Pitt fanlisting ( One heck of a bishie! ) Cammy Fanlisting ( One of my favorite Street fighter character next to Chun Li ) Driver's High Fanlisting ( One of the first songs that I first heard from Laruku ) Do You Feel like I Feel song Fanlisting ( This song rocks! The show is cool as well!! ) GTO Fanlisting ( Onizuka Sensei!! Daisuki! ) Japan Fanlisting ( Yummy Maki! Oishi! ) L'Arc~en~Ciel Fanlisting ( Ken!!! ) Moogle Fanlisting ( Kupo! Kupo! Kawaii creatures! ) Finding Neverland Movie Fanlisting ( J.M Barrie, many thanks to you! ) Orlando Bloom Fanlisting ( legolas!! *swoons* ) Pirates Of The Carribean Movie Fanlisting ( Captain Jack Sparrow!! *faints* ) Ps2 Fanlisting ( Ultimate Gaming Console! 2nd to Nothing! ) Rave Anime Fanlisting ( Plue! Plue! The Ten Commandments! ) Simpsons Fan ( Totally Hilarious! ) Super Drive Song Fanlisting ( No wanna sell your soul....forget smile again... ) Sushi Fanlisting ( Oishi! Yummy! )

Sumomo and Chii Fanlisting ( Chobits!!! )

Spirited Away Fanlisting ( Great anime from Studio Ghibli! ) Turtle Fanlisting ( Turtles!!! Cuties! ) Maki Murakami Fanlisting ( Great Mangaka! ) Michael Fanlisting ( Angel Sanctuary Anime bishounen ) Vision 0f Escaflowne Music Fanlisting ( nee aishitara .... )

Setsuna Fanlisting (Sound the Bishie Alert!! )


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